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YOU Can Have a Successful Stork Rental Business!

I’ve been in the stork sign rental business for 11 years this month and I still love it. I believe it’s one of the best home business opportunities out there. It’s affordable! It’s profitable! And it’s fun!

But it’s also work! And just like every other business out there, in order for it to be successful, it must be treated like a business. Here are what I consider to be the bare essentials to being successful in the stork sign business.

1.   A business name that lets people know what you do and any licenses required to operate that business in your city/county/state.

2.   A system to keep up with all your income, expenses, receipts and mileage.  Whatever it takes to be ready for tax time.

3.   A system for scheduling your stork rentals that is accessible when you’re talking to potential clients.

4.   A phone designated for your business with a professional sounding greeting that identifies your compnay and lets prospects know when you’ll return their call … which needs to be as soon as possible.

5.   A website.  You can run a business without one in today’s market, but it won’t be as successful as it will be with a website.  Next week I’ll share a very affordable resource for Stork Lady Partners and some almost free DIY resources you can find online.

6.   A marketing plan. You have to create a marketing plan and then you have to work your marketing plan.

7.   The last thing on my list today is probably the most important.  It’s your attitude. This includes your desire to succeed, being easy to do business with, and the consistency and patience it takes to build this business.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  I’ll share more about these in future blog posts, but your attitude will determine your altitude!

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Ahoy! It’s a Boy!


Stork Stories with Stork Lady Partner Ron M. of Burlington Township, NJ ~ Storks N More ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

I’m continuing the Stork Stories series where I interview Partners and find out why they chose this home business opportunity and why they love it so much.

Today we’re hearing from Ron of Storks N More.  Ron has been a Stork Lady Partner for 12 years. He lives in Burlington Township, New Jersey (where he’s known as the “Stork Guy”) and he provides stork rentals in Burlington County and some areas of southern Mercer County.

Ron, his wife Marie, 12-year old daughter Alexis and 7-year old son Joey all work in the business. In fact, that’s one of the main things Ron likes about being in the stork sign rental business . . . the fact that it’s a family project and everyone participates.

Stork Lady (SL): Ron, why did you decide to become a Stork Lady Partner?

Ron:  I had always wanted to own my own business. When my daughter was born, my Mom rented a stork sign to celebrate. I thought, that must be a fun and interesting business, so I did some research. The design of the Stork Lady signs drew me in and I decided to become a Stork Lady Partner.

SL:  What is the most rewarding thing about being in this business?

Ron:  Seeing how happy people are with our stork on their front lawn. Also driving up and seeing the whole family posing for pictures with the stork.

SL:  What qualities does a person need to succeed in this business?

Ron:  Kindness. Professionalism. And a desire to succeed.

SL:  What advice do you have for someone just starting out?

Ron:  It will grow. It just takes time. If it gets slow, DON’T GIVE UP! Use that time to get the word out about your services.

SL:  How many hours a week do you put into the business?

Ron:  Usually around 8-10 hours.

SL: What kinds of marketing have worked best for you?

Ron:  Our website and word of mouth.

SL:  How have you used the extra income you’ve made in this business?

Ron:  We’ve used it for general household expenses and we’ve also used it for family vacations.

SL:  Do you have a memorable stork rental story you want to share?

Ron:  Yes. We rented twin storks to a couple in our town who were on TLC’s “A Baby Story”. The crew filmed our storks in the front yard when they did the story, so our storks got to be on TV!

SL:  Ron, I know your home business has grown to include more than just stork rentals. What else do you do?

Ron:  We started with stork rentals. But my full-time job is Captain of a Fire Department and we’re known to have a lot of spare time on our hands. So we bought a vinyl cutter to cut our letters instead of painting them on the bundles. Later we got a professional cutter so we could include vehicle lettering and signage. I also learned a lot about websites through my job, so I later added web design and now I also host websites for some of those customers. Our latest addition is printing with a special kind of ink and we use it to produce custom pieces like mugs and iPhone covers.

Thanks Ron!

If you are in need of a stork sign rental in Burlington Township, NJ please call Ron at 609-239-2048.  You can check out his website for information about his stork rentals and all the services he offers at


Storks N More
Burlington Township, NJ

The Big Announcement!

Today I’m going to share the details of our new referral program.

This is such a fun and exciting business because we get to help people celebrate the most exciting time in their lives . . . the birth of a baby! And we get to make money doing it!

I had a stork sign rental business in the greater New Orleans/Baton Rouge areas for several years and now I have one in the San Antonio area. I’ve been in this business for 10+ years and I still get just as excited when I put a stork sign in the yard as I did when I first started. This is the happiest business I know of.

And the money I’ve made in this business has been used to buy extras for my children, pay for planned and unplanned expenses, make home improvements, add to our savings accounts, and pay for family vacations. Now I’m saving to take my identical twin grandsons to Disney World. Of course, they’ll have to grow just a little because right now they’re barely 3 months old!

I’ve run this business as a single Mom and a work from home Mom, but there are people from all walks of life in this business. Moms, Dads, single and married people, grandparents, retirees, full-time employees looking for extra money, and new Moms who decide to stay home with their precious baby.

So start thinking of people you know who could benefit from this home business opportunity that has 19 years of proven results. Because every time one of your referrals signs up – and purchases a package of at least 5 signs – you will receive a new stork sign in the color of your choice – FREE!!!

It’s that easy! Talk to everybody you think might be interested in making extra money from home. And be sure to tell them to let us know that you referred them.

Start sharing this proven, affordable home business opportunity now! Real soon I could be calling you and asking if you want me to ship you a pink, blue, lavender or yellow stork. FREE!!!

It’s a New Year . . . and a New Owner!

Hi! I’m Beth and I recently became the proud owner of The Stork Lady.  You may not know me yet, but I’m not new around here. In fact, I’ve been a partner in this 19-year old business for over 10 years.

If you’re one of our business partners, you already know that this is a fun and affordable home business opportunity that can help people from all walks of life earn extra income. And in this blog I will be sharing ideas to make your business even more fun and hopefully make you even more successful.

If you’re not a partner yet, or you’re relatively new to this business, keep reading. I’ll be letting you know what it takes to be successful in this business. And I’ll keep you posted on any new marketing tips and other ideas to help make your business life easier, more productive, and more successful.

And I’ll be sharing some BIG NEWS in my next blog that all our partners will want to know about. It’s a brand new referral program that I think will get you excited!

But today I want to ask for your input. I want this blog to help you build your business because I want you to be successful. So please leave a comment with any questions about running your own business or any topics you would like to see discussed. I will use your questions to plan future blog posts.

So until next time, leave me a comment and be on the lookout for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!



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