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The NEW “Word of Mouth”


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 If you ask just about any successful Stork Lady Partner for the source of their best marketing, they will usually say “word of mouth”. And that’s pretty much true for all businesses.

 The best way to expand your stork rental business is to do a great job for each customer and let them spread the message about your excellent products and great customer service. However, that can take a while. Or at least it used to. Now, it happens a lot faster . . . via social media.  And you can help spread the message about your stork sign business by being proactive in the social media world. An absolute necessity for all of this to work is a website, because social media sites where you’re going to share your message will link readers back to your website so they can learn more about your business.

 There are three social media sites that I believe will definitely help you build your business. And they are free and pretty simple to use. Today we’ll talk about Facebook. We’ll talk about the others in future posts.  There is a lot of information in this post so stick with me because it’s all good! 

Facebook is considered “the” social network as it was launched at the beginning of the online social network boom. Online marketing is now at the center of advertising and marketing plans for both large and small businesses. Facebook has become an essential tool for business. If you are not using Facebook to promote and market your stork rental business you are really missing out.  Chances are your competitors have jumped on the social media marketing train and you don’t want them to have an advantage over you.  

 If you have a personal Facebook page don’t rely on it to market your stork rental business…be sure to open a separate page for your business.   The following tips will help you use your Facebook page effectively for your business:

 1.  Be sure to make it easy to direct people to your Facebook page.  If at all possible obtain a unique and distinct URL for it.  Make sure no other Facebook profile uses the same or similar URL.  It might cause confusion.

 2. Your Facebook profile can be compared to an online storefront of your stork sign business. Be sure you project the image you want to achieve for it and take that into consideration when you design the profile for it.  Making a good impression helps convert visitors into customers.   Be sure you provide accurate information and include everything you believe to be relevant.  Providing comprehensive information builds trust with your visitors.


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 3. Focus your Facebook page to cater to your target audience. In the stork rental business your audience isn’t global, but local. And you are aiming to market to those people in your community who will soon be new mothers or the friends and family members of women who will soon be new mothers.  Knowing who your target audience is helps create a strategy for using Facebook for your business. When you put your plan together don’t forget to focus on the benefits your business provides to them.

4. Be sure to post photos of the stork signs you’ve rented along with a few sentences to congratulate the family or talk about how excited the family was when they saw the stork. Let your customers know their sign will be featured on your FB page and invite them to make a comment. You might also invite them to post their own photo of the stork with the new parents or siblings standing next to it. All of those things will generate great word of mouth about your business. 


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5. Link your website and blog to your Facebook page. Just provide the URL to each post on your blog and your Facebook business page will be linked to it. Then, your blog will start appearing on your fan page and users can click through to it if they want. Moreover, any posts or new entries & comments made on your blog are updated in real time.   In effect, your Facebook page will increase the traffic to your blog and vice versa.

6. To get the most of your Facebook page, you have to come up with regular posts and updates. Regular posts and updates show up in the news feed and make your page name visible to your visitors. Aim to post two to three times per week at a minimum. Furthermore, reply to the comments by your fans. This will also increase your presence on Facebook and will appeal to your visitors.

That should help you get started in creating a Facebook page for your business. If you are not engaged in online marketing using social media, you are lagging far behind your customers. As you can see in the tips listed above, Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your business. Don’t lose out on customers just because you don’t have a Facebook page!


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Sneak Peak….

sneak peak

Girlees & Brothers Too
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These storks are winging their way to Lumberton, NC!  Their new home will be with Jennifer at Girlees & Brothers Too.  Please give Jennifer a call at (910) 738-5252 if you’d like to announce the birth of a new baby or grandbaby in the Lumberton area.  The flock will arrive later this week.

Get the Word Out!

Stork Rental Home Business Opportunity

I receive quite a few emails every month from our partners asking how they can affordably market their stork rental business.  Today I’m going to share with you some marketing techniques I’ve used in my business.  I’ll let you know which ones worked and which ones didn’t.  And for the next couple of weeks I’ll continue to share some really great ways to market your stork sign business. 

One thing that worked for me when I started out in Louisiana . . . and again after I moved to Texas . . . was to put stork signs in the yards of family members and friends. They hadn’t had a baby and the birth stats on the signs were fabricated but it created interest and awareness of my stork signs in the community. You can move the storks around to friends’ homes in different neighborhoods to get as much exposure as you can. 

You can also put out free rentals for friends who have babies to continue to build excitement for your business. Just be careful not to put out free rentals for so long that it becomes a trend and your friends expect it. One way to prevent this potential problem is to decide how many free rentals you will give in a year and stick with it. If you really want to do something special for someone, it’s up to you, but having a set number of free rentals per year gives you a “way out” with friends and keeps you from feeling you’re being taken advantage of.

Another thing I’ve done is to have shirts embroidered with my logo and company name on them. I always wear one when I’m out in the community running errands or delivering stork signs. It’s just another way to raise awareness and gives me a chance to share what I do. You always want to be talking about your business and sharing the services you offer whenever you can, wherever you are. 

Instead of having business cards printed, I have post cards printed to hand out.   A postcard includes a lot more information and is visually appealing.  It’s more likely to be kept and is easier to stick on the refrigerator or in an office drawer. Every time someone looks at it or runs across it, it reminds them about my services. Then whenever a friend or family member has a baby, I’m fresh on their mind!  A postcard can be used for many things. For example, you can use one to write a thank you note or to leave at the door if the stork is a gift and the giver wants you to deliver a personal message to the new parents.  


Another thing you can do with post cards is put them in OB/GYN or Pediatrician office waiting rooms. Some OB/GYN offices will include your postcard in their “new mother” take home bags. And some of our partners have had success partnering with 3D and 4D ultrasound companies too.  

Another marketing technique I’ve used is donating a stork rental as part of a school or charity auction. I never know exactly how many stork rentals I receive as a result of that exposure, but it is exposure and it’s also for a good cause.

Print ads haven’t worked for me. Neither have ads in neighborhood newsletters or regular newspapers.    And I don’t know anyone who’s had any luck advertising in a kids’ directory and they’re pretty pricey. So those are a few techniques that I don’t recommend spending money on.

 This is an awesome and affordable home business opportunity and it can be very successful if you work at it consistently. Next time I’ll share the online and social media side of marketing.

 Until then, leave your comments and please share any other types of marketing that have worked for you.



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