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Welcome Kelly & Walt of Kennett Square, PA and Wilmington, DE ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Kelly Sharp

Kelly & her son
Pronto Stork
Kennett Square, PA
Wilmington, DE

We’d like to welcome a father – daughter team to the Stork Lady family. Kelly & Walt are Pronto Stork of Kennett Square, PA and Wilmington, DE.   They began this venture together as a result of  Kelly’s parents surprising her last fall with a stork rental when her baby was born.  Kelly shared with me that she will never forget when she and her husband returned home from the hospital with their sweet new baby and she saw a stork  in the yard with her son’s name, DOB, weight and length on the bundle. She began to cry tears of happiness.  The stork sign was such a wonderful surprise for her new family and they loved having it.  After a few months of thinking about it Kelly realized she would like to bring this same experience to expecting parents in her area. And Pronto Stork was born.

Kelly & Walt help families celebrate their new babies with 6 foot stork signs all across the greater Kennett Square, PA area, including Avondale, Berwyn, Caln, Chesterbrook, Coatesville, Cochranville, Devon, Downingtown, Elverson, Exton, Honey Brook, Kenilworth, Lionville, Malvern, Modena, Oxford, Paoli, Parkesburg, Phoenixville, Pomeroy, South Coatesville, South Pottstown, Spring City, Spruces, Thorndale, Toughkenamon, West Chester, West Goshen, West Grove, Westwood.  And the greater Wilmington, DE area, including  Arden, Bellefonte, Brookside, Elsmere, Hockessin, Newark, New castle and Pike Creek.  Please visit their page and “like it” so you can follow along as their business grows.

We’re excited to welcome Kelly & Walt as part of our family! Please be sure to call Pronto Stork at (484) 770-8521 if you’re in need of a stork rental service to celebrate the birth of a baby in the greater Kennett Square, PA and Wilmington, DE areas.

Stork Stories with Lucy Donnelly of Flamingo-A-Friend & Stork Deliveries ~ Pensacola, Florida ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Flamingo-A-Friend Pensacola, FL
Stork Sign Rental Service

We have another Stork Stories interview today. Lucy Donnelly is the proud owner of Flamingo-A-Friend & Stork Deliveries in Pensacola, Forida.  Lucy is a 19 year veteran of the lawn greetings business and one of its true pioneers. She serves the counties of Escambia and Santa Rosa, also known as the Western Gate to the Sunshine State.  The cities she serves include Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Pace, Warrington and Milton.

Here’s Lucy…..

Stork Lady (SL): Why did you decide to start a home based business?

Lucy:  I started a home based business as additonal income to my job.  It soon became my sole job and source of income. After my husband became disabled and needed my assistance I was glad I had made that choice.  We are not only a stork rental business but we also have over 20 lawn greetings displays to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other occasions.   We began with the general lawn greetings displays and added stork signs to the business because it seemed to be the perfect fit with the rest of our critters.  We are in our 19th year of business in Pensacola, Florida and have enjoyed watching it grow and evolve into the success it is today.

SL: Why did you choose Stork Lady signs over other stork signs that are available?

Lucy: I chose the Stork Lady storks over others because I though they were the cutest storks out there and I still do. It is also a great benefit to be a partner of a company that has become known nationwide.  I not only receive calls for stork rentals from people who are local, but due to the exposure nationwide of the Stork Lady partners  I receive calls from all over the USA from people who want to rent a stork for a relative or friend who lives here.

SL: What is the most rewarding thing about your stork sign rentals?

Lucy: I just love seeing the storks in a yard. You just know how proud the family is to share their news and it gives me a great feeling to be a part of that.  Pensacola is home to the Naval Air Station and we have lots of young military families here. I especially enjoy helping our military families celebrate the births of their children, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other happy occasions.

SL: What different kinds of marketing have worked for you?

Lucy:  I’ve tried almost every form of marketing available from print to radio.  And I’ve found the very best type of advertising is to put out lots of free displays or storks for potential customers to see. It’s great exposure for my business and creates enthusiasm for it.  It is the best way for a customer to understand what service I provide. That is why Facebook  and Twitter have become so important to marketing for businesses.  We can post photos of what we do and potential customers can see them.  All three methods of adversting, free displays in yards all over town, Facebook and Twitter work in tandem for great advertising.

SL: How much time do you spend on your business in a normal week?

Lucy: During the course of a week a lot of my time is devoted to running both lawn greetings and stork rentals. Between answering the phone and taking orders, making signs, delivering and picking up displays on the lawn greetings side and making bundles and delivering and picking up stork rentals it takes quite a bit of time. However, I chose to make this my full time job and since my business is not limited to stork rentals it requires that kind of effort. But that’s the beauty of the Stork Lady opportunity. It can be full or part time and can fit into anyone’s schedule.

SL: What do you like most about your business?

Lucy:  The fact that you are generally dealing with happy people. People who call to order a lawn greeting are excited about doing something special for someone. If you can buy into their excitement it goes a long way. When stork customers call they are always happy.  Who isn’t excited about a newborn baby?  Their excitement and happiness is contagious and one of the very best things about this business. Not everyone can say that about their business or job.

SL: What personal qualities does a person need to be successful in lawn greetings / stork rental business?

Lucy: You need to be flexible, especially with the storks. The statement “we deliver when you do” must be true.  Sometimes people will wait until the last minute to call or they need to delay the scheduled delivery because the baby and mother unexpectedly must stay in the hospital an extra day or two.  You need to expect the unexpected and provide exactly what they need when they need it in order to be successful in the long run. And don’t forget to be thankful and appreciative of their business.

SL: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about becoming a Stork Lady partner?

Lucy:   I would advise them to sit down and figure out what it is you want from your business. Do you just want a hobby?  Do you only desire a part time business? Would you like for it to become a large part of your income?  The answer to these questions will determine the steps you take to grow your business and run it. If you do choose to  have your own stork rental business  you need to go for it! Don’t be shy. Ask for the business. Get your name out there by putting out free storks in yards all over town and  promote, promote, promote!  Another thought I have is learn to run your business so it doesn’t run you. It’s a wonderful experience. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the ride.

Thanks Lucy!

Please visit Lucy’s  page and be sure to “like”  it. If you are in need of a stork sign rental in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties, including Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Pace or Milton Florida FL or the surrounding area, please call Lucy at 850-438-4004. You can check out Lucy’s website for more information about her stork sign rentals and lawn greetings

Flamingo-A-Friend Pensacola, FL
Lawn Greetings Company

Flamingo-A-Friend Pensacola, FL
Lawn Greetings Company


Flamingo-A-Friend Pensacola, FL
Lawn Greetings Company

Why Do I Believe in the Stork Lady Business Opportunity?

storkladyfacebookicondefiniteI’ve been in a running conversation with a couple who are considering becoming Stork Lady partners.  Today they asked me why do I believe in the opportunity so much and what are the things I like most about the Stork Lady business opportunity?  I thought it was a great question and decided to share my answer for others who may be considering this home business opportunity. 

I believe in the Stork Lady opportunity today for the same reasons that drew me to it 11 years ago when I became a partner.  It’s not a franchise which makes it extremely affordable get into.  The return on the investment can be considerable year after year. And all the profits are yours to keep.   The income earned from your own business can make such a difference in the life of your family. It has made a big difference over the past 11 years in my own.  That fact alone is enough for me to believe in the business opportunity.  And ultimately it was the biggest reason I chose to purchase the business from the original owner.   I want to keep this opportunity in place and grow it for the benefit of all of our partners and their families.

A stork sign rental business is easy to own and operate because it’s not complicated.  Our opportunity has proven steps in place for a partner to refer to in order to market and grow their business.   There is a built-in support system among the partners and many years of experience and success to draw upon.  And last, but not least, our product is made of the highest quality materials found on the market and has been proven for two decades and thousands of stork rentals.  It’s also the cutest stork available on the market. We consistently hear that from people doing business with our partners.

The Stork Lady business opportunity fits well into any stage of life.  It  can be easily worked around any schedule. It’s a fun business.  We work with people who are experiencing one of the happiest occasions of a lifetime, the birth of a baby.  The excitement and joy of a birth is  experienced by all family members and friends. It doesn’t matter who calls to rent the stork sign, the mood is contagious!   My stork rental business has never felt like work, and I truly find pleasure in adding to a family’s happiness by surprising the new parents or grandparents with a stork in their yard.

For all these reasons and more, I’m sold on the Stork Lady business opportunity. Please contact us for further information at 210-601-7351 or through the contact form on our website  



Stork Rentals in Midland, TX ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Morgan Elizabeth
Stork Lady of Midland / Odessa

Glee, the Stork Lady of Midland, Texas, is enjoying renting storks for baby girls in one local neighborhood! Cody & Sherry were surprised by a stork rental from their family members to celebrate the birth of their daughter, Morgan Elizabeth, on April 18, 2013. They enjoyed having the stork so much that when their neighbors, Jeff & Leslie, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Jill Tatum, they rented a stork sign as a gift for them.  Jill was born only a few weeks later on May 29, 2013.

Glee shared with me that Leslie was so excited to have the stork and that it made her day to deliver a stork for them!

If you are in the Midland, Stanton, Greenwood or Big Spring, Texas area and are in need of a fun stork sign to celebrate the birth of a new baby please call Glee at  432-634-4579.   For additional details please visit her website and be sure to “like” her page on  .

Jill Tatum
Stork Lady of Midland / Odessa

Manage Time To Reach Your Goals

 With so few free moments in the day, stopping to evaluate how you manage your time can seem like a waste of it.  We all have limited hours in the day.  Many of us work full time jobs and fit our stork rental businesses around our set work hours.  Some of us are stay-at-home moms who may be contributing to the costs of raising children with stork rentals.  Some of us are retirees looking to supplement our income for travel or money to spend on our grandchildren.  No matter where you are in life,  your experience is unique to you and the way you manage your time working on your business needs to be realistic to your situation in order to be worthwhile.

Based on a workshop I recently attended, I’d like to share some easy tips for managing time and reaching your goals.

1.  Be honest with yourself.  If you only have a couple of hours each day (or each week) to promote your business make your goals fit that time frame so you can accomplish them without feeling overwhelmed.  Think about what you want to get out of your stork sign business and the amount of time you’re willing and able to dedicate to nuture that success. Be honest — there’s no wrong answer.

2.  Strategize for success  by outlining your vision.  Your vision for success should stem from a realistic review of your business and the challenges you face in growing it. Where do you want your business to be in six months? Visualize where you want it to be and write it down. 

Here is a real-life example shared recentlywith me by a partner:

goal keep

3.  Once you’ve pinpointed your vision, it’s time to plot your course to success. You can best reach your goal by taking a series of steps.   And make a to-do list to help you accomplish them. It gives you instructions for seeing your vision fulfilled and allows you to keep track .      

Still using our example above, the to-do list might look like this:           



Once you have your goals on a to-do list attack them one bite at a time so you don’t become overwhelmed.  And be sure to finish one step before you begin another.  It will make it difficult to accomplish anything if  you feel scattered between several  ongoing steps.   Make your time count.  A lot of us have fallen into the social media abyss.  It can be tricky to find a balance with no parameters in place. Consider whipping out a trusty egg timer so you can keep yourself on schedule. Give yourself 15-20 minutes to catch up with your social networking sites or update them with new photos or a blog post. That way you don’t lose an hour or more meandering through Pinterest or Facebook and suddenly find it’s time to take care of another obligation. At that point you’ve lost the time you set aside to grow your business.

Don’t become discouraged if time management seems difficult to accomplish. The speaker at the seminar said time-management gets better with practice. And I believe that’s true. I certainly haven’t mastered it but I’m working on it and I do see improvement.  I’d really enjoy hearing about your time management tips. Please leave me a comment.

Sisters & Cousins in Queens, NY ~ Bundle of Storks ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Bundle of Storks
Queens, NY

Our partner in Queens, NY, Patrizia Crino, (Bundle of Storks) had a really fun and meaningful experience this week.   She helped sisters, who share the same home,  celebrate the births of their first children who were born one week apart.  Violet was born May 29th and Anthony on June 5th.  As Patricia said, “This is a beautiful story!”  We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations to all!

If you’re in need of a stork, moon or carriage sign in Queens, NY to celebrate the birth of a baby please contact Patrizia at Bundle of Storks (917-687-0900) for more information.  Patrizia also offers coordinating sibling signs for the Proud Big Brother or Sister. Please see visit Patrizia’s  Facebook page to see photos of her recent rentals and be sure to “like” it .

20 Years Old And Still Flying High!

happy birthday3Today I’m taking time on our blog to wish our storks a Happy Birthday!!

It’s been 20 years since The Stork Lady business opportunity first started in a small apartment in Houston, Texas. Since then it has spread through hundreds of entrepreneurs to locations all across the country.

Our storks have worked really hard the past 20 years . . . welcoming thousands of babies to their new homes . . . and bringing a lot of joy to a lot of families!

They’ve also provided our Stork Lady Partners with extra income – income for home improvements, family vacations, retirement and savings accounts, and children’s activities.

Our storks have allowed mothers to stay home with their children . . . and brought family members closer as they work together running this fun, unique, and affordable home business.

And our Stork Lady Partners come from all walks of life . . . married couples, young families, single parents, retirees, and full-time employees . . . because this stork yard sign rental business can be worked around anyone’s schedule.

Thank you, Storks, for a job well done. Here’s to many more years of success!


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