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Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Want!


Lone Star Storks
Stork Sign Rental Service
Greater Dallas, TX area

Last week we introduced new partners Matt & Lindsey of the greater Dallas, TX area.  They are Lone Star Storks.   Lindsey shared some exciting news with me today about their business.  I’d like to share it with everyone because I think it’s a perfect example of how great things can happen for your business if you just ask for what you want.

Not long after Matt ordered their sign package he began to look into ways to promote Lone Star Storks.  He picked up the phone and called a local Babies R Us store.  He spoke to a lady in the office and told her he was interested in somehow working with BRUS to promote his new stork rental business.  The lady told him that the local Dallas / Fort Worth Babies R Us would soon be conducting expos in each of their four locations to kick off the new ISIS parenting classes they are starting in Babies R Us stores.  She invited Matt & Linsdey to participate in each of the expos to promote their business.

Lindsey put together a great-looking booth, complete with a banner that matches their website,  a stork sign with a bundle and a sibling sign example.   Two of the expos have already taken place and two more will follow in the next few weeks.  At each expo Lindsey has been able to meet and visit with lots of people to introduce them to her new stork rental service.  When the expo  is over she leaves postcards at the store to be given to customers who are interested.

Lindsey is unsure if the BRUS expos are being held nationwide, but she does believe they are also being held in Atlanta.  She isn’t sure what the outcome of an inquiry would be in any city, but it would be worth asking. She further clarified that she and Matt don’t have a relationship with BRUS in any other capacity and the expos will not be ongoing.  However,  they were able to develop a relationship with the lady who is organizing the local expos and as a result, they’ve received some really terrific exposure for their business.

It worked out wonderfully for their business because Matt wasn’t shy about picking up the phone to ask for what he wanted.  Way to go Matt & Lindsey! It’s going to be fun watching Lone Star Storks grow.


Lone Star Storks
Stork Sign Rental Business
Greater Dallas, TX area

Introducing Matt & Lindsey of Coppell, TX ~ Dallas, TX ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Matt & Lindsey
Lone Star Storks
Coppell & Dallas, TX

We’d like to welcome Matt & Lindsey of  Lone Star Storks in the Dallas, TX area to the Stork Lady family.  In a recent email, Matt shared that he and Lindsey “are the proud parents of two sweet boys, Layton and Hunt.  We both grew up and attended high school in the Dallas area and then attended Texas Tech University – Go Red Raiders!  We rented storks when both of our boys were born and LOVED the idea of proudly sharing the good news with friends and neighbors. After much prayer we decided to go into business and it was then that Lone Star Storks was born.”

Lone Star Storks offers 6 foot storks signs in the greater Dallas, TX area. Please visit their page and “like it” so you can follow along as their business grows. Be sure to call Lone Star Storks at (214)-632-8001  to celebrate the birth of a new baby with an adorable stork sign rental in the Dallas area.

Layton & Hunt
Matt & Lindsey’s Inspiration!

Remember Your High School Physics?

Remember your high school physics? It taught us about inertia. Objects at rest tend to remain at rest; objects in motion tend to remain in motion. Your stork rental business is much the same way. You have to maintain movement and momentum in order to reap the reward of a growing business and consistent stork rentals. For each week or month in which no movement has taken place, the likelihood your rentals will gain momentum becomes less. You must frequently invest time, information or activity into your business so you can keep moving and growing. It’s so easy to do.

Here are a few suggestions:

Talk about your business to everyone you know and meet. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Make sure your signs are seen about town. Put them in the yards of your friends and family members. Long before social media existed that is exactly how many of our partners built successful stork rental businesses. I can attest to it because that’s what I did. I consistently had 2-3 storks in yards scattered about town each week for several months in order to build a strong presence in the community. It’s work. And it takes a commitment to see it through even if you don’t have immediate results. But it’s very worth it in the long run if you stay the course. Be willing to sacrifice a few bundles for this purpose. It is a true representation of your service to have a personalized bundle on the stork. Don’t assume people will understand they will receive a personalized bundle with a stork rental if they see no bundle or “rent me” on the bundle. It’s not the service you offer and it’s not how the stork will look in their yard.

Your car is a moving billboard. Advertise on it! You don’t have to spring for a vehicle wrap. Magnets on your doors and vinyl lettering on your back window is a great way to promote your business and build its presence in your community. If you have two cars, advertise on both.

Have postcards made using a high resolution photo of one of your stork rentals, preferably a rental that includes sibling signs. Sibling signs are a great up sell. Postcards can be handed out like business cards and they give you a lot of bang for your buck. They also aren’t as easy to lose as business card and people tend to hang onto them.

Update the content on your website with a new blog post twice a week. In a previous post we talked about how easy it is without having to write an epistle. We also discussed how important this is for search engine results.

Update your Facebook page by posting a link to your blog post. And also post a couple of photos each week. Don’t have any current stork rentals of your own? Ask me or another partner to share with you. It will create excitement and interest in your business and soon you will have your own photos to share.

Create a Pinterest page for your business or keep it updated with photos of your current stork rentals.

Partner with other businesses in your city or town to promote your stork signs. It’s a win win for both businesses!

When you invest time, information and activity in your stork rental business on a consistent basis you are maintaining movement and momentum. Results will follow.

Lots of Proud Big Brothers & Sisters in Durham, NC ~ Precious Bundles ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

 Stork Lady partner, Amanda Tas Jordan, of Durham, NC, had an extra special baby announcement rental this week. She helped proud siblings, Charlie, Zeke, Mylie and Sophia, welcome home their brand new baby brother, Joseph, with a beautiful moon sign and sibling signs.  This is one of the sweetest photos I’ve ever seen of siblings welcoming a baby  home.   Joseph’s biggest sister is obviously captivated by him. What a special day for them. It was a wonderful day for Amanda too. She stated that seeing this photo absolutely made her day!  Congratulations to Baby Joseph’s family.

Precious Bundles is a stork rental service in Durham, NC.  If you’re in need of a stork or moon sign to celebrate the birth of a baby please call Amanda at 919-544-6559 for more information. She also offers sibling signs for the Proud Big Brother or Sister. Please see visit Amanda’s Facebook page to see photos of her recent rentals and be sure to “like” it .

Introducing Christine Greci of Long Island ~ Ronkonkoma, NY ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements


DrinaBella Storks & Such
Long Island, NY

We’d like to welcome Christine Greci and her family to the Stork Lady family! They are DrinaBella Storks & Such of Long Island, NY.  Christine chose a unique and meaningful name for her business.  She named  it after her one-year-old twin daughters who are nicknamed Drina and Bella.  Christine and her husband also have two older sons who are just a cute and keep them on their toes.  In a recent email, Christine stated, ” We chose to become Stork Lady partners to supplement our income in an enjoyable yet successful way. We’re hoping to make DrinaBella Storks & Such a well known name on Long Island so that it can be a business that we continue to run as our children grow. We feel that it will be a rewarding business opportunity because it is a chance to allow people to announce the happiness that they are feeling at such an exciting time in their lives. Having experienced first-hand (3 times!) what fun it is to receive a stork sign upon your arrival home with brand new babies, we are thrilled to be able to help other families welcome home their new little miracles in such a memorable way!”

Bouncy House
DrinaBella Storks & Such
Long Island, NY

Christine offers 6 foot storks signs and a 4 foot moon sign in Nassau County, most of Suffolk County and parts of Queens, New York.  In addition to their stork rental business, Christine and her husband also rent bouncy houses for birthday parties and other occasions, as well as a popcorn machine, a sno-cone machine and a cotton candy machine!  DrinaBella Storks &  Such is your place to go to celebrate every occasion from birth to birthday parties, school functions, graduations, etc.

Please visit Christine’s  page and “like it”  so you can follow along as her business grows. Please be sure to call DrinaBella Storks & Such at (516) 404-7580 if you’re in need of a stork rental service or party rental service for all your fun and festive occasions in Long Island, NY.




Hot Off the Press

One of the best ways to get cost-effective—even free—exposure for your business is with press releases.hotoffthepress

When I think of a press release, I think about major news events in the newspaper or special reports on television.

But the internet has changed all of that.

Now your company can use press releases to bring your business more exposure.

Here are some of the events you could write a press release about:

Starting your business.

Anniversary of starting your business.

Addition of new signs to rent.

Reaching a business milestone – 100th sign rental, etc.

Adding a new geographical area.

Celebrity rental . . . maybe the baby and family, along with your stork, were on television. (You don’t have to use names, but if you do, be sure to get a written release form signed beforehand.)

Having a special promotion.

Creating or updating your website.

Here are the steps:

1. Put your contact information in the top left corner: Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Email Address Link, Website Link.

2. Create a headline containing newsworthy information and key words. 

3. Next comes the dateline at the very beginning of the first paragraph: the city and state following by the date.

4. Now comes the body of the press release. The information should cover the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) in a few paragraphs, giving specific information about the benefits of the product/service you provide. You could also include a quote from a satisfied customer. Whenever your company name appears, be sure it’s a hyperlink to your website. At the end of the body of the press release, type “—END—” 

5. Be sure to include a call to action in the body of the press release. You can start with, “For more information on….” Then recommend they visit your website (make sure it’s a link) or call you (give your phone number) the next time a friend or family member has a baby. 

6. Be sure to use hyperlinks to your website and email address every time they appear throughout the press release.

7. At the end of the document (after “—END—“) you can add notes to your readers. An example would be if you wanted to include a note to journalists telling them they have your permission to use any information and pictures from your website for an article about your business.

Here are a few tips:

1. Always write in the third person (he/she/they).

2. Keep it to one page.

3. Focus on both the media and  your prospects.

4. Keep the search engines in mind.

5. Focus on one topic per press release.

6. Include a good, relevant picture.

Here are some ways to market your press release:

1. Add a tab to your website for news items and post your press releases (and any other news articles you’re featured in) there.

2. Write a blog version of the press release and post it on your blog with a link to the press release at the bottom. Then post a link to your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

3. Send your press release to local newspapers, radio stations, tv stations and other appropriate publications. Check their websites for a link where you can send in your press release.

4. Distribute in online. There are lots of online services for this, including free ones like,,,

5. Submit it to social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Technorati, and Digg. 

6.  Send it to your friends, business associates, and any relevant organizations in your contact list.

7. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts.

I’m sure that’s all you ever wanted to know about press releases but were afraid to ask.

It may take a little time and energy…but if your local newspaper or tv station sees your press release and does a feature on you, how much business could that potentially bring in?

Welcome Jennifer Hickman of Girlees & Brothers Too in Lumberton, NC ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

Girlees & Brothers Too
Boutique and Stork Rental Service
Lumberton, NC

We’d like to welcome Jennifer Hickman and her staff at Girlees & Brothers Too in Lumberton, NC to the Stork Lady family.  Girlees & Brothers Too is a trendy boutique which offers fashions and fun for everyone, including infants and children.    Jennifer chose to add stork rentals to her brick and mortar business after her fifth customer called to inquire about renting a stork. Jennifer shared that following the conversation she had an epiphany and began to search for stork signs to rent. She found The Stork Lady and the rest is history! Please visit Jennifer’s  page and “like it” so you can follow along as their stork rental business grows. Please be sure to call Girlees & Brothers Too at (910) 738-5252 if you’re in need of a stork rental service to celebrate the birth of a baby in the greater Lumberton, NC area.


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