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Harrisburg, North Carolina ~ Storks From the Burg ~ Stork Sign Rental Service ~ Stork Lawn Sign Birth Announcements ~ Midland, NC ~ Concord, NC!

Storks From the Burg
Stork Sign Rental Service
Harrisburg, NC

Harrisburg, NC Stork Sign Rentals – Coming Late March 2014!

We’re busy preparing a flock of storks for their migration to Storks from the Burg , a division of Speedway Flowers and Gifts in Harrisburg, North Carolina!  The storks, under the direction of Kim Russell, will soon be proudly announcing the births of babies all across Harrisburg, Concord and Midland, North Carolina!

Stork sign rentals aren’t just for birth announcements. They are also fun to rent to announce a pregnancy, to welcome guests to a baby shower and for gender reveal parties.  Be sure to contact Kim at 704-455-3979 for more information on her stork rental service.  And don’t forget to ask about Kim’s beautifully arranged flowers to include with your birth announcement rental, pregnancy announcement, baby shower or gender reveal party!


Girl Stork Sign & Sibling Sign
Storks From the Burg
Stork Sign Rentals
Concord, NC
(704) 455-3979

Boy Stork Sign
Storks from the Burg
Stork Sign Rentals
Midland, NC
(704) 455-3979


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