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Heather, Chase & Levi
The Stork’s Post
Stork Lawn Sign Rentals
Newport New, VA

We’re starting 2015 off with a Stork Stories interview. Today we will feature Heather Emerson, proud owner of The Stork’s Post in Yorktown, VA.  Heather started her stork rental business in September 2013, about 10 days before she  gave birth to her first baby, Levi!  Most people wouldn’t try to take on so much at once, but Heather is obviously a young woman who knows what she wants, and both Levi and The Stork’s Post are growing by leaps and bounds.  She is married to Chase who often helps with getting her orders out the door. And her mother, Carla, and Levi help deliver birth announcement signs to proud new parents in the Hampton Roads area.



Let’s hear from Heather:

Stork Lady (SL):

Why did you decide to start a home based business?

Just a few months before our son was due, I decided that it was very important for me to take on the role as a stay at home mother once Levi arrived. I knew that this business could help me fulfill this dream. I am so glad that I took a leap of faith!

(SL): What made you decide on stork signs as your home business versus other opportunities?


Sailboat Birth Announcement Sign
Hampton, VA
The Stork’s Post

I LOVE BABIES! Babies are such perfect gifts sent from above, and little miracles are so breathtakingly beautiful. I feel so blessed to be able to play a small part in a baby’s homecoming celebration!

(SL): How much time do you spend on your business in a normal week?

I fully believe that with anything in life, “What you put in is what you get out.” I have made it a personal goal to essentially give The Stork’s Post all I’ve got! The amount of time I invest in my business definitely varies from week to week, but I would say that with the time spent on getting orders out the door, delivering, blogging, facebooking, marketing, etc. I probably spend anywhere from 10-30 hours.

(SL): What different kinds of marketing have worked for you?

Blogging has proved to be my number one tool when marketing my business. After every rental, I post a picture of the sign on my business Facebook page and then do a follow up blog. By using certain tag words, along with my pictures, I have been able to boost The Stork’s Post to first return page of Google when a search for stork signs in any town I serve is typed in the search bar. I know that my time spent blogging is not wasted because the majority of my rentals hear about me from “the internet.” In addition, I have had several individuals tell me that they came across my facebook page and fell in love with our signs. Lastly, I feel like word of mouth has been a growing marketing tool for us as well!

Stork Yard Sign
Poquoson, VA
The Stork’s Post

(SL): How has being in this business affected your life?

This business has affected my life in all positive ways! I feel as though I have blossomed both in my personal life and professionally, as well. On an individual level, my interactions on a day to day basis have become more enthusiastic and genuine. From a business standpoint, I have become a little more business savvy, and my confidence when speaking with customers, vendors, new parents, etc. has improved significantly.

(SL): What do you like most about being in this business?

It truly warms my heart that The Stork’s Post is able to initiate smiles and lasting memories for families when they see our birth announcement signs upon arrival from the hospital. On September 21, 2013, (four days after our son was born), I was that mommy who got to experience the “Welcome home!” moment when I spotted a six foot tall stork greeting us as we pulled into the driveway with our precious baby on board. It was SO exciting!

(SL): How have you used the income generated in your business?

With babies come dollar signs, and many of them! The extra income The Stork’s Post has generated goes to many of the day to day expenses we have for our son.

(SL): What made you choose Stork Lady over other stork signs that are available?

Stork Rental Sibling Sign
Gloucester, VA
The Stork’s Post

When I began researching where to purchase stork signs I came across several distributors that just didn’t grab my attention. When I came across The Stork Lady, I was immediately pulled in by her polished, professional, and detailed website. Shortly after sending Beth an inquiry, she responded in great detail and made me feel right at home. Her warm welcome assured me that I would be in good hands!

(SL): What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the stork rental business?

For someone who is just starting out in the stork rental business I would advise they not become  disappointed in the beginning if it takes a little bit of time to get your first rental. I went through a stage where I whined a tiny bit when my phone wasn’t ringing. In the meantime, be sure to market your business like crazy, and I promise your hard work will pay off!

Thanks, Heather!

The Stork’s Post is located in Yorktown, Virginia. We proudly serve Yorktown, Seaford, Grafton, Poquoson, Tabb, York County, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Carrollton, Williamsburg, James City County, Jamestown, Toano, Gloucester Point, Gloucester, Hayes, Gloucester County, Hampton Roads, Virginia VA.

Be sure to visit Heather’s page and “like”it so you can follow along as her business grows. Please contact Heather at 757-525-5410 for additional information or to rent your stork sign today.




Stork Birth Announcement Sign
Seaford, VA
The Stork’s Post


Stork Sign Lawn Signs
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The Stork’s Post





Stork Lawn Sign Rental & Sibling Sign
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The Stork’s Post

Stork Rental Sibling Sign
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The Stork’s Post


Stork Stories with Janice Wilke of Front Yard Friends ~ Chesapeake, Virginia ~ Stork Yard Sign Birth Announcements

We’re beginning the New Year with a fun Stork Stories interview.  Janice Wilke is the proud owner of Front Yard Friends in Chesapeake, VA. Janice really knows her stuff and there isn’t anything she hasn’t experienced after 11 years in the lawn greetings business! She and her family have worked very hard to build a busy and successful business. Front Yard Friends serves the greater Tidewater area of Virginia, which includes Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton Virginia as well as Moyock, North Carolina.

Let’s hear from Janice:

Stork Lady (SL):  Front Yard Friends has been in operation since 2003 and is truly a family affair. Tell us a little about your family.

Janice: My son & daughter began to work with me in FYF when they were in high school. They’ve since graduated from college and are still active in the business. My son recently married and his wife came on board when they were dating.  My mom also lives with us and has helped in more ways than I can count.

SL: Why did you decide to start a home based business?

Janice: It allowed me the flexibility to be with my children when they needed me, and I truly enjoy working for myself.   

SL: What made you decide on stork signs & other lawn greetings as your home business versus other opportunities?

Janice: My husband rented a stork for me when our babies were born. He later surprised me with a lawn greeting for my birthday. I had been on the receiving end of all the fun and wanted to offer it to others to enjoy.

Front Yard Friends
Stork Rental Service
Chesapeake, VA

SL: What do you like most about being in this business? What is most rewarding?

Janice: Making people happy by having a small part in a special day or occasion. I especially love to get phone calls from satisfied customers thanking us for making them feel special.

Being successful in my own business is very satisfying. Providing a service that leaves a positive impact on people is its own reward.  

SL: What made you choose the Stork Lady opportunity over the other stork signs that are available?

Janice: At first we tried designing our own stork. It worked for a while, but we couldn’t seem to capture the professionalism and polish that Stork Lady brings to our business. Before we became a partner we had been admiring the Stork Lady signs from afar. When we decided to up our game, getting our signs from Stork Lady  was an easy decision to make.

SL: What different kinds of marketing have worked for you?

Janice: Twenty years ago there were newspaper ads and yellow page ads. But after a while we realized our best advertising is our displays because having them seen in yards all over the Tidewater area creates great word of mouth advertising. We no longer pay to advertise. However, having a top-ranked website is key to a successful business in today’s world.

SL: How have you used the income generated in your business?  

Janice: It has helped our children’s educations and in general has improved the quality of our lives.  We have been very blessed in this business.

SL: What personal qualities does a person need to be successful in this business?

Janice: A person has to be extremely self-motivated.

SL: What advice would you give someone who is looking for an affordable home business opportunity?

Janice: Do your homework! Any home based business will require time and hard work to become established and successful. And it may sound easier than it will be. Fortunately, in this business there is plenty of help out there from people more than willing to help. That’s not always true in other businesses. Going with the Stork Lady opportunity will help you get started and on the right track.  Front Yard Friends has branched out in many ways in the past 11 years. We provide great deals on Lawn Greeting start up packages to help people trying to break into the business. We offer a lot of variety, as well as many different themes to celebrate all occasions. Please check out our Front Yard Friends website for examples of some of the displays we offer.  However, our website gallery isn’t complete. Be sure to contact us for a complete listing. And be sure to check out the website of our second company,  Sweet-Greetings. The signs we offer through Sweet-Greetings are colorful, fun and popular! The gallery on our Sweet-Greetings website is complete.

Front Yard Friends
Lawn Greetings Service
Chesapeake, VA

The Wilke Family
Front Yard Friends
Lawn Greetings Service
Chesapeake, VA







Sweet-Greetings Football Player

Sweet-Greetings Mermaid



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