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Terms & Conditions

DBA The Stork Lady
User Terms, Conditions and Business Agreement

Storks and More DBA The Stork Lady requires all online buyers of our Stork Lady business packages to carefully read the following terms and conditions and agree to abide by them before purchase. If you cannot agree to the terms and conditions below you will not be able to order a business package online. If you have any questions you can send an email describing your concerns to HYPERLINK ""

By clicking the "I Accept" button below, you hereby accept and agree on behalf of yourself and, if you have a partner(s), on behalf of said partner(s), to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Your signature on a hard copy of this Business Agreement will be necessary after the purchase of your package and prior to delivery of your signs in order to become a partner of The Stork Lady.

The seller agrees to provide the "Business Start-up Package" of the Buyer's choice. The Seller agrees to sell to no other Buyer within a 20-mile radius of Buyer's home address. If a new Buyer requests a Business Agreement from the Seller for an area located near an area where the Seller has already sold "The Stork Lady," then the 20-mile radius will be determined by a geographic analysis of the maps on The Seller shall measure the 20-mile radius.

The Buyer agrees to limit the use of the stork design to the Buyer's local sign rental business and not to sell, give away, transfer or assign their rights to use the stork design to any other party. The Seller retains all the rights to the design. In the event that the Buyer moves from the assigned area, the Buyer must contact the Seller in order to obtain rights to use the design in the new location. In the event another partner of the Seller occupies the new location, the Buyer agrees to refrain from using the design in the new location. All materials are copyright and trademark protected and may not be reproduced or distributed in any format.

The Seller makes no guarantees or promises regarding success or profits to be made from the business. The Buyer assumes all the risks associated with the business and the conducting of the business. The Buyer is under no further obligation, financial or otherwise, to the Seller.

The Seller reserves the right to terminate the business agreement in the event that the Buyer conducts him/herself and/or the business in a manner that is unprofessional and/or compromises the name, reputation and goals of the Seller.

The Buyer must renew the business agreement in writing (via email message or correspondence sent to Seller via the USPS) annually within the month of September. Annual renewal of the business must be initiated by the Buyer. There shall be no fee associated with this renewal. The Buyer acknowledges that failure to renew the agreement could lead to loss of territory, and the Buyer acknowledges this risk and assumes full responsibility for initiating the annual renewal with the Seller.

If any part of this Business Agreement is held unenforceable for any reason, the remaining portion of the Business Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, and shall be carried out in a manner which is consistent with the intentions of the parties hereto.

In the event of any dispute or legal action between the parties concerning the enforcement interpretation of this general contract, each party shall be responsible for their own attorney's fees. For purposes of any legal action, the judicial jurisdiction shall be Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas.

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