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Stork Stories with Stork Lady Partners Cindy & Buddy Clarke of Richmond, VA ~ Storks and More, Inc.

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Storks and More, Inc. Stork Sign Rentals Richmond, VA 804-741-3866

Today we have another chapter in the Stork Stories series in which I interview partners and find out why they chose this home business opportunity and why they enjoy it so much.

Today we’re hearing from Cindy Clarke of Storks and More, Inc. in Richmond, Virgina.   She and her husband, Buddy, have been Stork Lady Partners for eight years and provide stork sign rentals in the greater Richmond, VA area. They also have two additional businesses which were born from their stork rental business, Flamingo Nightmares and Santa’s Secretary.

Stork Lady (SL):  Cindy, tell us a little about you and your family and who works with you in the business.

Cindy:  When our last daughter graduated, we thought we were finished with school supplies and would be empty nesters.  Six years ago we received a surprise blessing. We are parents to a 5-year-old little girl who thinks she is the owner of the business!  She isn’t shy about running up to pregnant ladies to hand them a business card.

SL: Why did you decide to start a home based business?

Cindy: My husband was in a car accident which ended up keeping him from returning to a full time job.  We needed extra money and a flexible way to earn it. My sister originally owned  Storks and More, Inc. but she was working full time and decided to offer the business to us.  We thought the Stork Lady signs were so cute and we knew the business would provide the flexibility we needed to earn extra money. We grabbed it and have not looked back.

SL: How much time do you spend on your business in a normal week?

Cindy: It varies.  Buddy loves to make sure all our signs are in tip top shape, so he is constantly cleaning them.   We try to make good use of our time and combine deliveries and pick ups whenever possible.  It’s probably a good 15-20 hr week.

SL: How has being in this business affected your life?

Cindy: First and foremost, it has allowed my husband to feel like he is contributing to the household.  It’s helped pay for things that we wouldn’t have been able to pay for otherwise.

SL: What do you like most about being in this business?

Cindy: It’s a happy and fun business!

SL: What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the stork rental business?

Cindy: Be willing to put yourself out there to market your business. Always present yourself professionally.  Take pride in your product and be respectful of others.

SL: What personal qualities does a person need to be successful in this business?

Cindy: I think a cheerful attitude and personality helps.  And remember, even if they are wrong, the customer is always right!   Sometimes you’ll be given the wrong birth information. When it happens, just smile, offer to fix it, and move on!

SL: What advice would you give someone starting out as a Stork Lady partner?

Cindy: Forget the stencils and spring for a vinyl cutter. There is no comparison in the difference between a bundle made using a vinyl cutter and a bundle made with stencils and a paint pen. Using a vinyl cutter will greatly elevate the look of your business and help increase rentals.  For most people it’s all about how the stork sign looks in their yard.

SL:  Tell us about your other businesses which have grown from your stork rental business.

Cindy:  We have two additional services born out of our stork rentals.   The first is Flamingo Nightmares . We offer pink flamingo rentals, as well as other signs & critters to celebrate birthdays and all occasions.  Not long after we began to rent stork announcement signs we began to get calls asking if we offered lawn greetings for birthdays and other occasions.   So we began to add different themes and displays to our inventory and Flamingo Nightmares was born.

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We also thought it would be fun to offer a service associated with Christmas to the parents and grandparents who rent our storks, as well as to all parents and grandparents across the USA. Santa’s Secretary sends a letter from Santa to any girl or boy across the USA.  This is not your ordinary “Letter from Santa”.  Santa’s Secretary is much more thorough than those other web sites.  We take the extra time to learn about your child’s interests, and  we customize every letter. This is no cookie-cutter form letter. Each letter is written with your child in mind. Since Santa’s Secretary does not use form letters, we take the extra time to compose a personalized letter. This approach helps in the illusion for your child and makes them truly believe in the magic of Santa and the season. Our letter makes them feel as if Santa really does know them, and has been watching them.  Each letter is hand signed in ink, by Santa, and each envelope has an authentic North Pole postmark. To add to the magic, we offer an authentic “Santa” wax seal on the envelope, and a follow up postcard from Santa during the Summer to remind your child that Santa is still watching.  Receiving a letter from Santa is not only exciting for a child, but also lots of fun for parents and grandparents too.

Thanks, Cindy!

If you are in need of a stork sign rental, a fun birthday sign  or a pink flamingo flocking in Richmond, VA please call Cindy or Buddy at  804-741-3866.  If you’d like to order a customized letter from Santa for a favorite child in your life please visit Santa’s Secretary. As of today, there are only 74 days left to request a custom letter from Santa for delivery this Christmas season.