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Your Mindset ~ The Beginning of Success

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I just read an interesting bok by Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University.  The book is entitled, Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success.  I would encourage you to consider adding it to your reading list.  It’s an easy read and fast-moving.   The book is full of colorful stories from the lives of well-known people in business and sports, as well as ordinary people you’ve never heard of.  In relating these stories to her readers, a lot of great information is shared about success in business and life.

We’ve all heard that having a positive attitude brings success in business. However, according to Dweck, it takes more than talent and intellect to achieve success. Instead,  success in business is dependant upon our mindset, which is based in the belief that we have the ability to develop our intelligence and grow our abilities. In her book, Dweck identifies two primary mindsets – fixed and growth.

Those of us with a fixed mindset attribute success to our talent or natural ability.  If we experience success in business (and life) it’s because of our ability or know-how.  A fixed mindset also carries the belief that abilities are set and don’t change over time.  Therefore, a fixed mindset gives a false sense of security and makes us afraid to take risks in order to avoid failure.

Those of us with a growth mindset recognize our talent, natural abilities and know-how but we also understand that a significant part of our business success is based on effective effort (work) put forth.  We accept challenges, learn from our experiences and use them to grow our skills and abilities.  We are willing to work for success and believe we can control the outcomes in business and life with effective effort and practice.

Here’s hoping we all cultivate a growth mindset, a willingness to work for positive results, and the belief that we can control the outcomes in our businesses and lives with effort and practice.


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