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Due to the large number of phone calls and emails I receive, I am going to try and answer the most common questions here. They will be listed and answered randomly, so please read through the FAQ and if you don't see your question answered, call or email me! I'll be happy to answer it and will probably add it to the list!

What are your hours? TOP

Monday - Friday we take calls between the hours of  8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CST or by appointment. On Saturday we tale calls between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 12 Noon. We are unavailable on Sundays and holidays. 

We answer emails after hours if time permits. It is not guaranteed.  We don't communicate by text because it's time consuming and inconvenient.  Thanks for understanding. 

Please note: We do not work on business package orders in December.  If you order a business package in December we will begin making your signs in early January, following the holidays.    

How much money can I make? TOP

This really depends on a couple of factors: your efforts and your population. The majority of people are going to make nice supplemental income, but not replace a full-time income. However, we do have quite a few people in very populated areas who rent 40-50 signs per month.

I can't emphasize enough that your efforts will have the greatest impact on whether or not you are successful. We have one lady in a very rural area that I thought would really struggle to get it going and she has done great! She loves what she is doing, tells everyone about it, has created a strong presence for her business in the community and has built a busy stork rental business.  On the flip side, I sold a package to someone in a major metropolitan area and was sure he would do very well.  By his own admission, he has done very little with it. It's probably because he thought it would be easy, quick money, and he has not taken the time to get out there and develop it.

With enthusiasm and consistent effort your business can really grow and flourish. We have lots of experience marketing successful stork rental businesses and will be always available to help you with your business. 

How long does it take to receive my business package? TOP

We make signs and fill orders on a first come, first serve basis.  It depends on the number of orders ahead of you and where we are in the process of filling them. However, a general rule of thumb is 3 weeks, which gives you plenty of time to work on a website, set up social media, learn how to make a bundle using a cameo silhouette vinyl cutter, and generally, get your ducks in a row to begin your sign rental business.  It's a process to begin any business, no matter what it is.  

What is the best piece of advice you can give me while awaiting my signs or business package? TOP

This is easy!  Don't take orders for rentals before you have your signs.  It is very risky, and a bad idea for a number of reasons, too numerous to list here.

One of the biggest risks is that babies are often born much earlier than anticipated. You don't want to start your business off on the wrong foot.   

This same advice goes for birthday and special occasion signs too. Last year one of our partners ordered a flamingo sign.  She took a rental for it once she knew it had been shipped and the UPS delivery date  was established.  Unfortunately, it was misrouted by UPS and it arrived three days late.  She was unable to deliver the sign to the birthday girl and as you can imagine, it was not a pleasant situation.

It's never a good idea to accept a rental for signs before you have them in your possession. 

Do you offer financing or a payment plan? TOP

We are unable to offer a financing or a payment plan at this time. However, we do accept financing via Paypal's Bill Me Later® program. You may read about it here:

Will I be the only one in my town with your designs? TOP

If you are looking for that type of guarantee, our package is not a match for you. We do not sell to anyone else within 20 miles of you. The distance is measured with Google Maps driving directions.  This mileage is a buffer between you and other existing Stork Lady partners or a partner who may come along after you.  It is not a restricted or exclusive area.  Exclusive/policed areas are common in franchises, which Stork Lady is not.  Purchase of a franchise costs much more, in part because it takes money to police territories. 

In situations where two people are close geographically I encourage them to work together.  Actually having another Stork Lady partner near you is a positive and not a negative.  You are both creating exposure for stork rentals in general and our design in particular.  Both partners will benefit.  It's also a great opportunity to combine efforst and the cost of events at which you can market and promote your storks.  There are many examples of current partners who work together in this way. It's a win win.   

What is your most popular package? TOP

As of Fall 2017, the the 6-signs stork package is the most popular, by far. 

How many storks do I need to get started? TOP

If you aren't in a rural location, 6 signs is a good minimum number. The biggest drawback to the 4-sign package in a non-rural area is you will likely be forced to turn down business along the way because you don't have enough signs.  


That is not good for your pocket and it's definitely not good for your business, especially when you are just starting out. You want to be easy to do business with and be in a position to accept rentals. In order to do that you have to have enough signs to fill every rental request. A minimum of 6 signs gives you a good start and once you are busy and need additional signs, we make it a priority to ship signs to existing partners within a week. 

In addition to a business package, what else is required to begin a business? TOP

In addition to a buisness package, you will need a software run vinyl cutter to make the lettering for the bundles, sibling signs, etc. The cutter the majority or the partners use is a Cameo Silhouette.  We have lots of help and support available to teach you how to use it.   It's not difficult to learn how.  You will also need a search engine friendly website, as well as a search engine friendly Facebook page. We also recommend you participate in Pinterest and Instagram.  We offer tons of support for all of the above.  And there are a few incidentals you will need. In total they are less than $100. 

Once I purchase a package is it possible to purchase additional inventory or supplies as I grow? TOP

Yes, once the initial package is purchased, all of our signs may be purchased individually. We offer a price break on the purchase of 4 storks or more. We are able to ship 3 bundles, clouds, stars or cupcake plaques sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard if you are looking for just a few keepsakes.  If you want more than 3 there is a 10 count minimum in order to build a box. We cannot ship 4-9 items between cardboard or in a box because it's impossible. Therefore, please order 3 items or 10 or more items. Please keep in mind your overall cost per piece will be less the more items you order once you take into consideration the cost of shipping. It costs less to ship more pieces than it costs to ship fewer pieces. Once you pay for the dimensions of a package you can add quite a bit of weight for a minimal jump in price. The sweet spot seems to be between a count of 30-50 items. But, of course, that's not required or necessary. 

Are your signs plastic or wood? TOP

Our signs are PVC plastic and computer cut for consistent excellence.

Help! There is already competition here! TOP

Competition is actually a good thing! We have found that people who buy our package  get off to a faster start if there is already someone doing storks in their area. The reason is that you are not faced with having to introduce the whole "idea" of renting a stork. People already know about it and have been exposed to it. Then when they see your stork in a yard or Google for a stork in your area and see your website or Facebook business page they say "I want THAT stork!" So, don't be deterred by competition, be happy!

Why should I use your storks? TOP

We think our signs are definitely the cutest and that is the comment we hear most often. Our storks are computer cut and consistent in quality and look. Our stake is extremely heavy-duty and each stake is individually drilled to match up with the holes in each stork you receive. Our storks don't twist in the wind or lean, as long as you install them correctly. 

However, if you find storks you like better, you should choose them because you want to have a product that you love and believe in. We have been in business for 24+ years and are proven. We've been around long enough to see what really works, what doesn't, and to work out the bugs.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel with our opportunity. We share specifics on marketing and many other topics so you are equipped to build a successful business.  Our method is based on the success of many who have gone before you.  If you will plug in what we offer and do the work, you can reap the reward of a successful business.  Experience is a big advantage and the fact that we have so many satisfied customers is a testament to our product and service. We guarantee satisfaction!

Are the signs hard to set up? TOP

No, they are actually very easy to set up. For most people it will take just a few minutes. If you have hard or frozen ground we give you instructions on how to do that too. With frozen ground it still takes less than 10 minutes and anyone can do it!

The storks are 6 feet tall. Do I need a truck or van to transport them? TOP

The wonderful thing about our storks is they are made in two pieces, the legs & the torso.  When you attach them to the stake (legs go on first) the stork stands 6 feet tall. The storks were designed in this way so a van or truck would not be necessary to transport them.  They easily fit in both my Ford Escape and Ford Focus. The Focus is a small car. 

How much time does it take in an average week? TOP

That really depends on you and how much time you want to give your business in order to establish and grow it. The more you talk it up, market it, expose your signs to the community, etc., the more you will get out of it. The amount of time it  takes will vary from one person to another. I would guess the average person spend 10-15 hours per week on deliveries, marketing, etc. 

May I purchase your business guide / business manual? TOP

Our business guide and marketing materials are shared with our partners only. 

I have a storefront business. Is it possible for me to purchase individual signs in lieu of a business package? TOP

We are not a supplier of signs per se. We offer a business opportunity. Everyone who purchases our storks must purchase a business opportunity package.  

Are you able to sell a business package or your signs outside of the USA? TOP

At this time we are unable to ship any of our business packages outside of the USA. There are no exceptions. Thanks.

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