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The Stork Lady© began in 1993 with a few wooden storks in a small apartment in Houston, TX.  The business subsequently moved to San Antonio and 28+ years later it has grown to include hundreds of entrepreneurs through our affordable business opportunity.


Our affiliates come from all walks of life: parents working from home or employed away from home, single moms and dads, retirees looking for a flexible and fun way to pad their retirements, grandparents looking to earn extra money to spend on their grandchildren and many others.


I am the second owner of the business and a long time Stork Lady affiliate.  I began my business in January 2001 in southeast Louisiana while raising my children. We grew to cover the greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. We moved to San Antonio in 2009 and I began my local Stork Lady rental business at that time. I’m still as excited about this business as I was the day I bought my business package in 2001 and I plan to continue to offer this terrific opportunity to others for many years to come.


Our storks are made with only the highest quality materials and are computer cut to guarantee consistent excellence. If you are looking for a fun, affordable, happy business you can operate from home with a flexible schedule, our opportunity may be right for you!


If you love our copyright and trademark protected designs and would like to learn more, feel free to email me or call me at 210-601-7351. You may also visit our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY page!

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Stork Lady© business opportunity to help our partners achieve their financial objectives by providing an affordable proven business opportunity that when combined with their enthusiastic effort can help replace lost income, create extra income, provide income earmarked for family fun, earn income that allows them freedom to spend more time with their children or grandchildren or in some other way help fulfill their dreams.

Our Inspiration

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