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Stork & birthday sign rentals is a fun and happy business.


Our Stork Lady© stork signs are rented and placed in the yard of a family that has welcomed a new baby. It’s an exciting time for them and it’s fun for us because we get to help people celebrate one of the happiest events of their lives.


Our signs are rented by parents, grandparents, other family members, and friends. Often another sign is rented for the grandparents’ yard . . . to announce to their friends that a grandchild has arrived.


Our giant cupcake and 6-ft tall flamingo birthday signs are colorful, fun and rent for many different occasions, including graduations, anniversaries, bridal showers, pool parties, garden parties, barbecues, etc.



This profitable home business will fit around anyone’s schedule.


Our business owners come from all walks of life: single parents, married couples, stay-at-home moms, full-time professionals, retirees, and young families. What they all have in common is a desire for a steady stream of extra income and a willingness to work a few hours a week to earn it.



Our signs are copyright and trademark protected . . . not to mention beautiful!


Everyone who sees our signs loves them. They’re made of the highest-quality materials and are easy to install. And they’re very eye-catching . . . which will bring your business a lot of attention!  


"The StorkLady" and "Stork Design" are trademarks of Elizabeth Mayberry. The "Stork Design" is Copyright ©1993. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without express written permission.



We have three sign designs: stork, carriage, and sailboat.


The most popular rental is the pink or blue stork because it's traditional.  Stork sign rentals will be the bread & butter of your business.  But the carriage and sailboat are fun and allow you to offer variety. They are designed so they may be used for either gender simply by switching out the accessories. They may be ordered in the following colors: pink or blue for gender specific, and navy or lavender to use for both sexes. 



We offer many designs and color options for our cupcake birthday signs.  And we have a 6-foot tall flamingo sign. It’s not included in a business package, but can be added to any initial order or at any time down the road.


Our cupcakes signs were designed to give our partners many options to match the theme of a party or the personality of the recipient by using interchangeable toppers that coordinate with each sign.


Our 6-foot flamingo is loaded with personality and can change moods depending on the hat he wears.  We offer party hats, mortarboard with tassel, sombrero, crown and a top hat. 



We have three business start-up packages to choose from, two are limited to stork signs and the third is for cupcake signs. The smallest stork signs package is 4 stork signs and the largest package is 6 stork signs.


Most of our partners begin with the 6-signs package. It’s the package I began with 15-years ago and it will give you enough signs to work with so you won’t have to turn down rentals as you’re growing.  The 4-sign package is usually purchased for very small towns or rural locations.


Our birthday signs package is 4 cupcake signs, and each sign includes coordinating interchangeable toppers to offer your customers variety in theme or to match the personality of the recipient.


All three business packages include the necessary accessories and lots of “how-to” material regarding marketing, as well as what you need to know to create search engine friendly social media accounts, how to write effective website content for the search engines, as well as everything you need to know to build a successful lawn sign rental business. We have 17-years of experience operating a yard sign rental business and we are available by phone and email to give active help, support, and advice as you build your business. No matter which package you begin with, needing more signs is a “problem” everyone wants to have.  You may order additional signs via our online store as you need them.



Once you receive your signs, you’re ready for business!


Our signs are ready to be rented the moment they arrive. Each sign comes with a strong, heavy-duty stake, hardware, all accessories and simple installation instructions. There are a few supplies you will have to pick up, but their cost is under $100. 



This is not a franchise so all profits belong to you.


Once you purchase a package, there is no yearly fee to continue in business.   We do sell the supplies you will need to continue in business (bundles, sibling stars, dog bones, clouds and scalloped plaques), but you keep all profits.


We won’t add another partner within a 20-miles of your home.


When you decide to become a Stork Lady© partner and purchase a package, we will not sell to another person within 20-miles driving directions of your home address.  We aren’t a franchise, but we do keep a 20-miles buffer zone between all partners.  If someone near you is interested in a package, we will use Google Maps driving directions to determine whether their address is within 20-miles of yours. You are not limited to renting storks within your 20-miles buffer zone.  If you are willing to drive the distance, you may rent anywhere you’d like to. We have no policed areas, as that is a feature of a franchise.