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"Just wanted to let ya know that I picked up a sale today that was directed from your website. The person searched "stork rentals", got, and found me in NY from your image map. Keep up the great stuff!"
Tom, NY

"Thanks for this opportunity, It really is working!! The excitement in the voices of the customer is overwhelming. We are making the happiest day of their lives even more memorable! I LOVE IT!!!"
Leanne, MI

"Thanks for helping me to be a stay-at-home mom!"
Jacqueline, MA

"The storks are beautiful. When I picked mine up I was overwhelmed! The color, the detail, they are much better than any of the competitors I've seen in my area."
Sara, SC

"I just received your signs and hadn't opened the box yet when a friend came by who makes signs for a living. He makes large scale signs for casinos. I opened the box to show him the signs I bought from you and he couldn't believe the quality! He told me that the signs were beautifully done and that he wishes that he would have thought of such a great product! He feels, as do I, that my new business will be a huge success! Thank you so much for coming up with a product that surpasses all others!"
Cynthia, CA

"My husband Dan & I decided to do something together that would be fun yet rewarding after my second child & our first baby girl was born. In researching information on starting a home-based business we found the Stork Lady's Business Opportunity website. I had worked for the government for 14+ years & it was time for a change to be a work at home MOM with my children. It really takes patience to build a home-based business not to mention hard work & determination. I enjoy delivering stork baby signs & now creating birthday signs...and most importantly be able to spend that quality time with my youngest daughter & my first grandbaby Gabriella."
Marj, CA

"You are truly the best and thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You make me feel so good going into this business. Have a great day!!!"
Ana, NJ

"My wife and I are recent members of the Stork Lady family. We are parents of three small children ranging in age from 6 to 2 years old. We both have full time jobs and we wanted to do someone on the side to earn some extra money. We looked at so many ideas and we continued to come back to the Stork Lady concept. The entire process has been so rewarding both financially and personally. You not only get support from the Stork Lady, but the other business members as well. It is amazing the impact you make on people when you deliver a sign to a customer. We have had the best time and are kids even get involved in the process. We would highly recommend joining such an established and unique business."
Courtney & John, LA

"Working with the Stork Lady has been such an awesome opportunity for me and my family. In addition to providing additional family income in such hard economical times, it has also taught my children the valuable skill of entrepreneurship. I cannot say enough positive things about the leadership of the company and all the support that it offered me when I decided to start the business. Thank you for making my dream of owning my own business a reality."
Maryland Stork Lady, MD

"My first job is a stay at home mother of 2 young children only 16 months apart. I love my job but needed some extra income. The stork business is perfect for my family. It allows me to be a mommy, own my own business and not have to fork out for daycare! It is so flexible, fun and easy. What a joy it is to put a smile on someone's face when they see their cute new sign sitting in the yard!"
Jennifer, NC
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