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Business Packages

Please note: We are unable to mix signs in our business packages. Each business package consists of storks only.

Each of our adorable signs is made of the highest quality PVC and is computer cut for consistent excellence.

The details are made with computer cut vinyl that is manufactured for outdoor use. Each individual piece is hand applied to each sign. We use Oracal vinyl, the highest quality outdoor vinyl available on the market.

Each sign comes complete with a stake and all necessary hardware.

The storks are available in pink, blue and mixed pink & blue. A pink or blue stork will most often be requested by your customers. They will be the bread & butter of your business. The stork sign is traditional and everyone loves them.

The mixed pink & blue stork may be rented for pregnancy announcements, baby showers or gender reveal parties. It may also be rented for a newborn birth announcement. If you deliver it for a girl you affix pink trim to the bundle and vice versa for a boy.

I don't recommend you include a mixed pink & blue stork in your business package because you won't use it nearly as much as you will the traditional pink or blue storks. I believe it's a fun addition down the road when you are established.