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You have to have one!

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

I’m back with more information about how to have a successful stork yard sign business. Today we’re talking about websites.

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Yes, I know, I’m ALWAYS hounding our Partners to get a website. But in order for your home business to be as successful as possible in today’s market you need a website. Your own domain name (website name) is probably the most helpful, cost effective asset you’ll ever purchase. Most everyone does business using the web these days and your presence is essential. You will miss out on a lot of stork rentals if your business doesn’t have an online presence in the form of a website. 

A website doesn’t have to be elaborate and it definitely doesn’t have to be expensive. I have a web developer who gives all Stork Lady Partners a deeply discounted price. In fact, if he builds your website, it will pay for itself with approximately three rentals. Contact me if you would like more information about this resource.

 If you would rather build it yourself, or have a friend who will do it for you, there are plenty of “almost free” resources out there you can use. Here are three of the most popular . . . but there are plenty more.

1. Right now Google has a great deal.  They offer a free resource to build your own website. they also give you your choice of a domain name and web hosting for a year for free! After the year is up, you pay $6.99 a month for the domanin name and web hosting services.  Go to (Get Your Business Online) for details.

2.  You can also build a free website at And the hosting is free. You just pay a small fee for your own domain name – usually around $20 per year. Details are at

 3.  Another highly ranked free website builder is Weebly. You will have to purchase a domain name somewhere else, but you build your website on Weebly for free and they will connect it to your domain name for free. Details can be found at

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Your website can be very simple. You just need a Home page explaining what you do.  You should have an About page telling a little about you. You need a Contact  page with the best ways your customers can reach you. And a Gallery (or Signs) page with nice pictures of the stork yard signs you provide, as well as a Pricing and Coverage page which states the prices of your rentals and the area you cover.

You need to be sure to obtain your own domain name (   The ‘free’ and ‘almost’ free services will give you a domain name but it will also have their name in it.    For example, ( 

There are many reasons you don’t want that.  I’ll share three today: 

1.      Owning a domain gives you credibility in business. 

2.      It also insures you have control of it and will keep it. Without your own internet address you are at the mercy of the owners of the domain you are using.  They may fold up or shut down your website for some reason only known to them. The internet is full of horror stories that confirm that statement.         

3.    Search engines will not give the same attention to websites hosted by free providers in the same way they do with your own domain. Many sites that are hosted by free hosting providers are not indexed by some search engines and it’s more difficult to find you. Your best bet is to take control of your website address and buy a domain and use it. Considering how easy and how inexpensive it is, there’s no reason not to.

Until next time . . . start planning your websites and let me know if I can help you in any way.

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