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Cypress, TX Stork Rental ~ Katy TX ~ Tomball, TX ~ Houston Heights, TX ~ Sign Chick

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Houston Stork Sign Rentals Cypress, TX ~ Katy, TX 281-734-2154

We have another Stork Stories interview today.  I thought it would be interesting to our new partners to hear from someone who is a relatively new partner and is actively building a busy stork rental business. Alison has been a partner of the Stork Lady for 18 months.  She is the proud owner of Sign Chick in Northwest Houston, TX, including  Katy, Cypress, Tomball, Waller, Hockley, Cy-Fair, Jersey Village and Copperfield.

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Alison & Family Sign Chick Cypress, TX 281-734-2154 Stork Sign Rentals

Let’s hear from Alison:

Stork Lady (SL): Tell us a little about yourself and your  family. Does your family help with your business?

Alison:   I’m a wife, mother of two, college professor and “wanna be rock star!”  Sign Chick is truly a family affair;  I make the bundles, my husband Joe does a lot of the delivering, and my two crazy kiddos are always with us approving placement in the yard of each stork.

SL: Where are you located? What areas do you serve?

Alison:  I’m located in Cypress, TX and proudly serve Cypress, Tomball, Houston Heights and NW Houston, Texas.

SL: Why did you decide to start a home based business?

Alison: I wanted to supplement our family income while staying home with our two young kids.  I’m happy to share that stork rentals has brought in extra needed income. I’ve been able to pay some of our bills each month, as well as spend money on extras.  Additionally, it has given my family a new activity to do together.

SL: What made you decide on stork signs as your home business versus other opportunities?

Alison: We received a stork sign in our yard from a group of sweet friends when we brought our daughter, Brooke, home from the hospital. I was THRILLED to see this priceless gift as we rounded the corner and drove into our driveway! The keepsake bundle is still a prized possession, and my daughter loves showing it off to friends and family. The joy a stork brought us, and the limitless possibilities for a stork  business (having babies never goes out of style) convinced me that storks were definitely the best home based business for us.

SL: What advice would you give a new partner who is just starting out with their own stork rental business?

Alison: I would share several things with a new partner.  I’d begin by telling them they need to be patient with the time it takes to build a business. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does pay off over time. They also need to be disciplined enough to work the business from home, which can sometimes be challenging due to the distractions of family.   However, the great thing about it is you can fit a stork rental business around your family’s schedule.  That’s one of the best things about it. I would also advise a new partner to spend a lot of time and effort on building a great website.  And, lastly, practice and be able to produce good quality bundles, deliver in a timely manner and be prepared and willing to create and deliver storks in a very short period of time. Many orders come the night before a new baby is discharged from the hospital, and new parents love to see that stork in the yard when they arrive home.

SL: Please tell us a little bit about your experience as a Stork Lady partner.

Alison: My experience has been awesome.  Beth has been a supportive & knowledgeable leader, and I’ve also found other Stork Lady partners who are encouraging and willing to share helpful tips and information.

Thanks, Alison!

Please visit Alison’s Facebook page and be sure to “like”it so you can watch her business continue to grow. If you are in need of a stork sign rental in Katy, Cypress, Houston Heights, Tomball, Spring or other locations in NW Houston, TX please call Alison at (281) 734-2154 or visit Sign Chick for more information.  

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