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ne Elvira

Elvira ~ Guardian of the Stork Lady Storks

We’d like to introduce you to Elvira. By day she is the friendly lady who waits on customers at our local UPS counter.  But…at the close of business…..she begins to ready our storks for their journeys to towns & cities across America. Their assignment?  To joyfully announce the births of new babies in the communities in which they work.  And at the same time provide a nice income stream for the families they nest with.

Elvira makes sure their scarves are securely fastened and their goggles are snug.  She files their flight plan, sets their altitude and conducts the final preflight checklist.  Once they begin their taxi to the runway she checks their flaps and their trim.  When she’s satisfied they are good to go she clears them for takeoff and in just a few minutes they are soaring and soon  out of sight.  Elvira says it’s easy to say goodbye to the storks because she is able to follow their adventures by reading the Facebook pages and blogs of their new owners.  She truly enjoys seeing photos of the storks announcing the births of new babies and likes to read about the joy they bring to families far and wide.  The Stork Lady couldn’t do it without Elvira! We appreciate her so much. Please leave a comment and say hello to her.


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