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Hotter than a Firecracker….

Today we are going to continue our conversation about social media marketing for your stork rental business. We’ve already discussed the benefits of a Facebook page for your business. Today we will focus on Pinterest.  Are you familiar with Pinterest? If not, please introduce yourself to it. Pinterest is currently the hottest social media marketing tool there is.  A lot of companies are now using it to spread the word about their services. It’s simple to use and is an excellent way to drive traffic to your Stork Sign website and increase rentals.

pinterest, screenshot, stork lady
Stork Lady Pinterest Page

Here are just a few reasons why you should market your business on Pinterest:

Pinterest drives traffic. Pinterest is only a couple of years old and already has 48+ million users.  You can count on the fact there are thousands of users in your local area.  Your stork rental business is web-based and your profits are tied to how many visitors visit your website. The more traffic you get the greater your exposure. With exposure comes the potential for more rentals. With Pinterest, you can easily link users to your website and boost your own web traffic.

Pinterest is perfect for your stork yard signs business because it’s all about images. And sharing pictures of your stork signs is a great way to rent more storks.  People are steadily using Pinterest to find services and businesses in their communities. Users are happy to share when they find new and interesting things.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that every pin has a built-in link back to the source…..your website.  Whether pinned or repined, users can link back to your website by simply clicking on the image.

Pinterest also has a search feature so users can find pins in certain categories, for specific items or local businesses in their area. When you create your pin boards, make sure you are using good keywords and phrases in the title and description of each board. Choose the most common keywords that are searched for (stork rental service, stork sign, stork lawn sign, your city and state). This will help users find the images on your pin boards, and from there your website.

And, lastly, be sure you add a “Pin It” button to your website or blog. It makes is easy for your visitors to share your business with others.

pinterest, screenshot, website
KC Storks Pinterest Page


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