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Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Want!

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Lone Star Storks Stork Sign Rental Service Greater Dallas, TX area 214-632-8001

Last week we introduced new partners Matt & Lindsey of the greater Dallas, TX area.  They are Lone Star Storks.   Lindsey shared some exciting news with me today about their business.  I’d like to share it with everyone because I think it’s a perfect example of how great things can happen for your business if you just ask for what you want.

Not long after Matt ordered their sign package he began to look into ways to promote Lone Star Storks.  He picked up the phone and called a local Babies R Us store.  He spoke to a lady in the office and told her he was interested in somehow working with BRUS to promote his new stork rental business.  The lady told him that the local Dallas / Fort Worth Babies R Us would soon be conducting expos in each of their four locations to kick off the new ISIS parenting classes they are starting in Babies R Us stores.  She invited Matt & Linsdey to participate in each of the expos to promote their business.

Lindsey put together a great-looking booth, complete with a banner that matches their website,  a stork sign with a bundle and a sibling sign example.   Two of the expos have already taken place and two more will follow in the next few weeks.  At each expo Lindsey has been able to meet and visit with lots of people to introduce them to her new stork rental service.  When the expo  is over she leaves postcards at the store to be given to customers who are interested.

Lindsey is unsure if the BRUS expos are being held nationwide, but she does believe they are also being held in Atlanta.  She isn’t sure what the outcome of an inquiry would be in any city, but it would be worth asking. She further clarified that she and Matt don’t have a relationship with BRUS in any other capacity and the expos will not be ongoing.  However,  they were able to develop a relationship with the lady who is organizing the local expos and as a result, they’ve received some really terrific exposure for their business.

It worked out wonderfully for their business because Matt wasn’t shy about picking up the phone to ask for what he wanted.  Way to go Matt & Lindsey! It’s going to be fun watching Lone Star Storks grow.

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