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Remember Your High School Physics?


Remember your high school physics? It taught us about inertia. Objects at rest tend to remain at rest; objects in motion tend to remain in motion. Your stork rental business is much the same way. You have to maintain movement and momentum in order to reap the reward of a growing business and consistent stork rentals. For each week or month in which no movement has taken place, the likelihood your rentals will gain momentum becomes less. You must frequently invest time, information or activity into your business so you can keep moving and growing. It’s so easy to do.

Here are a few suggestions:

Talk about your business to everyone you know and meet. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Make sure your signs are seen about town. Put them in the yards of your friends and family members. Long before social media existed that is exactly how many of our partners built successful stork rental businesses. I can attest to it because that’s what I did. I consistently had 2-3 storks in yards scattered about town each week for several months in order to build a strong presence in the community. It’s work. And it takes a commitment to see it through even if you don’t have immediate results. But it’s very worth it in the long run if you stay the course. Be willing to sacrifice a few bundles for this purpose. It is a true representation of your service to have a personalized bundle on the stork. Don’t assume people will understand they will receive a personalized bundle with a stork rental if they see no bundle or “rent me” on the bundle. It’s not the service you offer and it’s not how the stork will look in their yard.

Your car is a moving billboard. Advertise on it! You don’t have to spring for a vehicle wrap. Magnets on your doors and vinyl lettering on your back window is a great way to promote your business and build its presence in your community. If you have two cars, advertise on both.

Have postcards made using a high resolution photo of one of your stork rentals, preferably a rental that includes sibling signs. Sibling signs are a great up sell. Postcards can be handed out like business cards and they give you a lot of bang for your buck. They also aren’t as easy to lose as business card and people tend to hang onto them.

Update the content on your website with a new blog post twice a week. In a previous post we talked about how easy it is without having to write an epistle. We also discussed how important this is for search engine results.

Update your Facebook page by posting a link to your blog post. And also post a couple of photos each week. Don’t have any current stork rentals of your own? Ask me or another partner to share with you. It will create excitement and interest in your business and soon you will have your own photos to share.

Create a Pinterest page for your business or keep it updated with photos of your current stork rentals.

Partner with other businesses in your city or town to promote your stork signs. It’s a win win for both businesses!

When you invest time, information and activity in your stork rental business on a consistent basis you are maintaining movement and momentum. Results will follow.

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