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Bus-Opp ~ Start Your Own Stork Rental Business ~ Stork Lady

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Stork Rental Business Opportunity The Stork Lady Stork Sign Rentals 210-601-7351

Behind the Scenes ~ The Stork Lady

Meet Fidencio, better known as FiFi.  He brings the Stork Lady signs to life with a CNC router at a local plastics manufacturing company. He also drives the fork lift that delivers the storks & other supplies to the loading dock so we can pick them up.   FiFi is pretty much a one man band and we couldn’t do it without him!  We truly appreciate all his hard work for  our partners!

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Are you interested in starting your own stork rental business? The Stork Lady  opportunity has 20+ years of proven results and is fun & affordable! We also offer unlimited support.

What will you do with the extra money in your budget every month?

Stay home with your kids?

Take a family vacation?

Make a home improvement?

Replace your vehicle?

Supplement your retirement savings?

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This stork sign rental home business is so flexible it fits around anyone’s schedule. We have partners who are stay-at-home moms, working professionals, single parents, married couples, retirees, and young families who work the business together.

For a small financial investment and a few hours each week running your stork sign rental business, you can create a steady income. And since this is not a franchise, all the profits are yours to keep.

Check out the Business Opportunity page for more details. Visit our Gallery page to see all of our beautiful yard signs.



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