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YOU Can Have a Successful Stork Rental Business!

I’ve been in the stork sign rental business for 11 years this month and I still love it. I believe it’s one of the best home business opportunities out there. It’s affordable! It’s profitable! And it’s fun!

But it’s also work! And just like every other business out there, in order for it to be successful, it must be treated like a business. Here are what I consider to be the bare essentials to being successful in the stork sign business.

1.   A business name that lets people know what you do and any licenses required to operate that business in your city/county/state.

2.   A system to keep up with all your income, expenses, receipts and mileage.  Whatever it takes to be ready for tax time.

3.   A system for scheduling your stork rentals that is accessible when you’re talking to potential clients.

4.   A phone designated for your business with a professional sounding greeting that identifies your compnay and lets prospects know when you’ll return their call … which needs to be as soon as possible.

5.   A website.  You can run a business without one in today’s market, but it won’t be as successful as it will be with a website.  Next week I’ll share a very affordable resource for Stork Lady Partners and some almost free DIY resources you can find online.

6.   A marketing plan. You have to create a marketing plan and then you have to work your marketing plan.

7.   The last thing on my list today is probably the most important.  It’s your attitude. This includes your desire to succeed, being easy to do business with, and the consistency and patience it takes to build this business.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  I’ll share more about these in future blog posts, but your attitude will determine your altitude!

Ahoy! It’s a Boy!


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